Welcome to the Sorosis Club of Orange City

2008-2009 Members
Front Row: Gina Pronovost, Ruth Downer, Kathy Ellis, Lorraine Myers, Sue DeRuggiero. 2nd Row: Melissa Coupe, Julie Bertrand, Beth Riley, Donna bonfigillio, Grace Grassadonia, Johana Knox. 3rd Row: Ellee Massey, Brenda Register, Lorraine Paxton, Cathy Blanchette, Dawn Murphy, Mary Soyak, Kim Gentry, Sheila Seymour, Michelle. Not pictured: Stephanie Alden, Christina Bertrand, Connie Evans, Midge Giffin, Sarah Koonz, Karen Orrange, Bonnie Pearl, Pat Pearl, Sandy Becker.
The Sorosis Club of Orange City is a women's civic organization which was formed in 1958. A group of local women banded together to build a youth hall for the children of Orange City after the original hall was destroyed in a fire. The idea was to raise funds to have the hall rebuilt, and upon its completion, to continue care and maintain the hall for future generations. Through the hard-working efforts of the Sorosis Women and generous donations from local residents and Merchants, the hall was completed in the early 1960's and continues to operate today.

Sorosis: Meaning of the Word:
A term related to "sorority," which is derived from the Latin word soror or sister. The term "sororize" has sometimes been used as a parallel to "fraternize."