Annual May Banquet

New officers were sworn in at our Annual Installation Banquet held at Road House Grill. Our meals were delicious and we had a great time welcoming new members into the club and recognizing the dedication of all of our members.  A BIG Congratulations goes out to Ellee Massey who was nominated Woman of the Year!! We thank all of our members, their family, friends and all of the support we receive from the citizens, businesses, city and surrounding communities.
Our club was organized by a small group of women in 1958, who wanted to make a difference in their small town by focusing on the youth. Our fundraising efforts provide scholarships, school supplies, fun events, volunteer opportunities, food and gifts at Christmas. This tiny group ofwoman has grown tremendously and our annual celebration is a reminder to us all to stay true to ourselves and our mission, appreciate each other, help one another, and make that difference.
As promised....we have pictures!  Thank you Beth Riley for creating a great album on our Facebook page. 

The 2017-2018 officers are (Left to Right):
  President: Sheila Seymour (Not pictured)
1st Vice: Marcia Woods
 2nd Vice: Mary Soyak
3rd Vice:  Michelle Fowler (not pictured)
Correspondent Secretary: Laurie Scoton
  Treasurer:  Ellee Massey 
Recording Secretary: Angie Hoover,
 Haunted House Chairman: Julie Bertrand
  Parliamentarian: Marika Trembly

 Cheers to our Beautiful Woman of the Year, Ellee Massey! Thank you Ellee for all that you do for our club. You are a role model to all of us and to the women and youth in our community. We can never thank you enough for being Treasurer and working tirelessly behind the scenes all year long while putting in many hours at all of our events. Congratulations!

Welcome aboard new members!!